Monday, 25 July 2011

next stop, paperclip castle

Sorry, couldn't resist yet another Boosh quote, and this one is a particular favourite of mine and my friend Tates!

You may remember me telling you how I will be starting a teaching training course in September?  Well, today I began my search for stationary!  I hear that folders are really quite important, and after asking Facebook approximately how many I would need for the duration, the response was 'tonnes', in one case, a friend told me she used twenty *gulp*.

But off I went into Leicester city centre today eyes wide and optimistic, to start the overwhelming search while taking in the factors of my purchases being a) good value for money and b) totally awesome.  I am a nerd, I know, but I got all excited about buying stationary, it reminded me of the 'back to school' trip to town with my Mum at the end of every summer holiday, and how the main objective was to come away with the best pencil sharpener - one year I had one that was also a tiny fan in the shape of a flower!

the perfect pencil for a textiles teacher, I think it might just be!
and to think, I was going to buy boring old post it notes.
So this was probably the least exciting and most geeky blog post I have written to date, sorry about that! 

Have you got any big changes happening in your life at the moment?


  1. I love buying stationary, I can't pass Paperchase without going in and buying a notebook. I don't even use notebooks that often any more...

    I can't wait to go at the end of summer to buy my new pencil case and folders for work, I pride myself on being the most well equipped Teaching Assistant at my school lol.


  2. I LOVE Paperchase! I too used to get excited about buying back-to-school stationary, makes me sad that those days are over and that I have less need for funky stationary these days :( Perhaps I should endeavour to find a need!! I suppose my big change is that I am preparing to move in with my boyfriend in a few months (we are going travelling in August and thought it best to wait until our return). Exciting stuff!

  3. Great quote ;) and such cute stationary. I looove Paperchase and used to spend so much in there when I was in my old job :D

  4. Tehe, Paperchase! I am always in that shop :) You have made some lovely purchases <3

  5. ah i need those hilighters in my life!
    paperchase <3

  6. sooo cute. i love these things : )

  7. Worst case scenario (even though it seems you already have some beauties!) You could cover a blank one with fancy paper?

  8. These are SO COOL! I love shopping for school supplies. They are my favorite things to buy! Those little pandas are so sweet!

  9. you had me at the boosh quote :) i love your stationery selection.



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