Wednesday, 20 July 2011

a mess of a dress

So I started to make a second dress, this time entirely by myself.  I began the bodice section a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday afternoon I sat and managed to get through quite a bit of the process.  This dress is rather more messy than the beautiful floral one that I am oh so proud of.  I unfortunately don't own an over locker so there are untidy edges, and seams aren't really pressed to perfection (I am the owner of quite a dodgy iron at the moment) and the zip is also very badly inserted...
I am seeing the making of this dress as a chance to try out a different pattern though, and to be honest, I think that it could look a lot worse!  I had pattern pieces cut in all different sizes too (from a 12-18!), so a lot of problem solving had to take place when arm hole fastenings didn't fit like in the diagram and seams didn't match up at the sides!  
This morning I added the elastic to the waistband, so now I need to hem the bottom and make a belt, and voila - it shall be complete!  I would definitely use this pattern again, but would need to make some alterations to the arm holes as they are a bit tight. 

Costs once again is well under £10.  I can really see how making your own clothes can become quite addictive...


  1. Hi Katie, in the absence of an overlocker, (or even in the presence of!) have you thought about using French Seams to neaten/hide the raw edges? Basically what you do is put the wrong sides together and sew about a 1/4 inch seam. Then trim the seam allowance right down, flip over so the right sides are together and then press. Sew another 1/4 inch seam and voila! The raw edge is completely hidden and the end result is a beautifully tidy seam. I love French Seams, they are a revelation! See my blog post for more detail, or I'm sure google can help you :)

  2. You should look at this as a learning experience :) Heck, I made so many mistakes whilst knitting (a little different that dress making I know) and I would spend ages going back and trying to make things right, throwing bits away, even crying that it wouldn't go right but after some mistakes you start learning how to make them right. Don't worry Katie, you are doing super so far so please keep going :)

  3. Hey. As an amiture dressmaker too, I think its a lovely dress! Its definatly a learning experiance:-) The lessons are part of the fun:-)Well Done!

  4. Awesome job, Miss Katie! You look lovely, and considering that is all on your own, that is quite phenomenal! Your zipper looks really good- I always find that to be the hardest part on dresses! Keep up the awesome work because I love seeing the things you make :)

  5. That fabric is such a gorgeous colour. I'm enjoying following your forays in to the dress making world. You're inspiring me to try too!

    Emily x



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