Monday, 27 December 2010

coming home for Christmas

Myself and Steve today returned to Leicester after celebrating Christmas back in Luton with my family.  If I spend more than a couple of days there, I find it really difficult to leave, and get too comfortable being back at 'home'.  It is nice to be back at our flat though, and I have began to think about my plans for 2011.  I don't really believe in New Years resolutions, because as we all know, they are far too easy to break.  But, for a while I have been thinking that there are a few things that I want to change about my life, and why not start off the new year with good intentions? :)

I hope that you all had a lovely time celebrating Christmas, I received some much loved gifts myself, which I promise to post about another day!  I must be getting old, because I am now much happier receiving a few perfectly suited presents as opposed to piles and piles of 'stuff', and I was a tiny bit disappointed to not have received any slippers (I did get four pairs of socks though!)

Right, it's nearly 11pm and I'm off to eat some stollen and drink some tea, after all, it is Christmas :)


  1. I ate so much chocolate and turkey I felt sick but then I ate more! bleurgh!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas xx

  2. I think I am becoming more fond of small thought out presents than tons and tons.
    I received some slippers but in the wrong size, I must get them exchanged! x

  3. I prefer thought out presents than tons of junk, and if only my family went the handmade route, I'd be even happier!

  4. That chandelier is perhaps the coolest thing I have ever seen! And because I always enjoy your posts so much, I gave you an award :)



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