Friday, 22 October 2010

a handmade Christmas (4)

Today's choice is very appropriate, as I found out a few days ago that I have been lucky enough to win one of Tea and Ceremony's wonderful notepads through a Craftsville competition :) Woo!  To start off, I will share with you the AMAZING item that I am eagerly anticipating falling through my letter box!

Tea and Ceremony designs are by Sandra Igbodo, who is influenced by Scandinavian and folk design, alongside simple, clean and bold lines.  Tea and Ceremony sells a range of items, including greeting cards, badges and prints, and all for very reasonable prices.  Here are some of my favourite items from Tea and Ceremony's Folksy shop.
Christmas badges
£1.50 each
'I don't speak French' badges
Love Birds notepad

Bluebirds 2011 Desktop Calendar


As you can see, Sandra's designs are really beautiful, and from her wide selection of makes, you could certainly find a few Christmas presents for your loved ones!
To find out more about Tea and Ceremony, visit the website.  You can also follow on Twitter.

The Leicester Vintage Fair has finally arrived!  I have just about finished packing up all of my crafts ready for tomorrows event (I am one of these people that always leaves things until the last minute, throwing things into bags on the way out of the door 'just incase').  Steve is in Derby for a few days at the moment, and I feel lost!  Normally he is here to remind me of things that I need to take (and usually makes me sandwiches so that I don't go hungry!)  He is taking part in the UK Young Artists exhibition this weekend, his new series of work was chosen - you can take a look at some of it here :) I was in Derby until late last night, and saw some really interesting artwork, spanning across many art disciplines.  Definitely worth checking out over the weekend if you are based in the midlands - after you have visited my stall at the Vintage Fair of course :)

Hope that you all have a fantastic weekend, wish me luck for tomorrow!  


  1. Good luck for tomorrow (well, later today! I'll be popping if I don't feel too silly and I can easily make out who you are, I'll come introduce myself :o)

  2. those xmas badges are so awesome! xx

  3. Your blog is so adorable and refreshing! Love it:)



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