Saturday, 16 October 2010

the gingerbread fox.

When I woke up, it was such a beautiful, sunny Autumn morning :)  
We headed out to a bric and brac sale at an animal rescue centre in Hancote (a village not too far from us) late morning, and my oh my, did we find some treats!  I wish I had taken some more photographs now so you could see how amazing it was!  
Steve was very happy, as he managed to get himself a bag of cameras and accessories for £5, including the Box Brownie cine camera and polaroid cameras below, and a slide projector in full working order.
The animal rescue centre also has a permanent charity shop on site, and this is where I found this old circus jigsaw for 25p.  am. az. ing.
What was most exciting though, was that I brought 3 bags of fabric for only £3!  It should have only been £2.40, but I felt so guilty that it was so cheap that I gave them a little bit more!  All of the money was going to an animal charity, and we all know how much I love animals!  Here's a photograph of my extremely large bundle of fabric!  Unfortunately the best bits are hidden underneath, but as you can see there is a lot of beautiful floral fabrics and stripes in there!
I also found myself a beautiful dark red floral scarf and a brown vintage Marks and Spencers checked shirt, which are perfect for this Autumnal weather!  I will try to post some photographs of these and some better images of my fabrics once they have all come out of the wash!
When I got home, I was itching to do some baking, and decided to attempt gingerbread.  Having never made it before, I have to say it was so easy and the results were delicious!  I used a recipe from the Waitrose website, you can find it here if you fancy giving it a go :)  Oh, and it also meant that I got to try out my woodland animals cookie cutters which have been sat in my cupboard for ages!
I hope that you are all having a great weekend so far!


  1. Great finds and for a great cause!
    I need to try out my cookie cutters I got for my b-day so this might be a good recipe for that!

  2. The jigsaw is adorable and that bag of fabric looks so inviting, full of thrills I can imagine xx



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