Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hemmed in: Embroidery and Needlework from MK and beyond

Is it just me, or is it completely exhilarating when you just stumble across some Art?  For example, when we were in Norfolk in the summer and we came across and array of sculptures on the beach - it was so exciting!

On Sunday, all the family went off the the theatre in Milton Keynes to see the panto Cinderella (starring Louie Spence, who I must add was HILARIOUS).  My sister and her husband brought us all tickets from Christmas and inventively hid them inside our crackers on Christmas Day.

On arriving at the theatre after the usual maze of roundabouts and one way roads that are what Milton Keynes are all about, I saw that the MK Gallery is situated literally next to the theatre entrance.  I knew of a gallery in Milton Keynes however had never visited before as I had no idea where it was.
Then what caught my eye was the poster for their current exhibition - Hemmed in:  Embroidery and Needlework from MK and beyond.  The exhibition has been organised by the MK Embroiderers' Guild and Jamie Chalmers, also known as Mr X Stitch and on display are a selection of artworks from the 1930s to present made by both local and international practitioners.  There are more traditional works to view as well as contemporary work which explores the use or more unusual media.

Of course, having some time to spare before the panto began, in we went!  Below are some images of some of my favourite pieces from the show.

 Sarah Greaves, Blue Door, 2008

 Sarah Greaves, Bath Tub, 2011

 Erin Endicott, Healing Sutras, 2011-12

 Joetta Maue, 2 sides to the story.... , 2012

Ben Venom, Night Knife, 2012

I felt really inspired by the artwork that I saw.  I have recently been thinking about how I can incorporate my knowledge of textiles into my own art practice and the artists in the exhibition really started to get me thinking.  It was great to see some male artists working with fabric, such as Ben Venom (above) who created this quilt from found heavy metal t-shirts.

I also picked up a flier for 'MK Calling' - the opportunity to submit work for possible selection for their summer exhibition.  Not living in Milton Keynes, I need to investigate to see if I am allowed to submit anything first, however this could be an exciting opportunity to exhibit my own artwork once again.  The deadline in early March so I should really get my thinking cap on!

Hemmed in is on display until 6th January.  You can find more information about the exhibition and MK Gallery here.


  1. This is all so cool, that van door in particular, incredible! Thanks for sharing. :D




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