Wednesday, 28 November 2012

mono printing video tutorial

WireWAX is the worlds first taggable video tool. 
It is free to join and use and allows you the access to create your own popups and use the apps on the site, such as embedding youtube videos inside your footage as well as links to facebook and instagram. It is great for adding extra content to your video and tagging the objects is really easy. 

Phew.  Sounds pretty amazing right?

Well, a few days ago, me and Steve decided to work together to create a video tutorial on something creative.  After much deliberation, 
I chose to deliver a tutorial on one of my favourite things in the entire world - mono printing.  If you have never tried this technique, I thoroughly recommend it.  Not only is it fun, but materials are fairly cheap and you can come up with some really interesting and unexpected results.

Anyway, that's enough from me, here's the video (Eep!!).  Hope you enjoy!...

Pssspt...  I've also just renewed a few old favourites on my Etsy shop.  Keep your eyes peeled for more coming soon!..

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