Wednesday, 28 November 2012


As I have so much catching up to do, I thought it best to present to you a selection of images,  a visual treat to summarise my recent goings on.

It seems like Autumn came and went in a flash and I feel that I missed out on my favourite season this year. Hardly any walks through amber, rust and orange woodlands.

Winter is most certainly upon us. De icer is my new best friend.

'Cabbage flowers'.  
I have no idea what these are really called, but I LOVE them.

Steve's birthday torte - the delicious peanut butter and chocolate ensemble that I made once before.
Yum does not even begin to describe this.

A visit from two very dear friends.
In half term, our friends Ruth and Pat came to visit and we took them for a tour of the local area, including old fashioned tea rooms, the most epic jumble sale ever and a visit to a haunted church.
Was great to catch up, except I suffered with a cold for 95% of half term, which, to be frank, was rubbish!

 Vintage writing desk.
I drove past a charity shop one Sunday afternoon and this gem caught my eye.  The next day, I managed to convince Steve to drive back to said charity shop to purchase it.
I love it so much, and it now houses my 1960's tea set which was given to me by a friend of my Nan.  (It is so incredibly beautiful, that this tea set deserves a post all to itself).

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  1. Ornamental cabbages! They're some kind of brassica and I love them too. I had one as a houseplant for a while - it got taller and taller and the old leaves fell off the outside.



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