Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dear my old friend, Art.

At the village street fair we went to while in Norfolk (see last post!), I came across this rather delightful little paint box for £2.  Since being offered my position as an Art teacher, I have been rekindling my passion for the subject.  As many of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know - crafts, textiles and dress making have been my outlet for creativity for the past three or so years, which led to me training as a Textiles teacher.  Just to recap, my degree was in Fine Art, although even then I focused on more contemporary media, such as video and photography, so it really has been a long time since I have attempted to paint anything properly.  I tried to create a watercolour of me and Steve a couple of years ago, but it did not go well!  At school, I always found painting quite challenging, preferring to work with dry materials such as charcoal and pencils and my old favourite - the black biro!  Now that I am going to be teaching others so many different skills, I really felt that it would be valuable for me to start experimenting with some of these lost techniques again.

I love the little colour chart inside which that gentleman that I purchased it from left there!  It's not really of use to me, but I can't bring my myself to tear it out!

One of the teachers in my new department gave me a beautiful, brown paged A3 sketchbook when I was offered the job - I love it!  I am really enjoying having a sketchbook again.  When I was at school and sixth form, I would carry mine everywhere, I have not really had one since.  I have really loved buying new art materials too and browsing around small, independent art shops, it's just a shame that everything costs so much money, I'm having to give myself a monthly budget at the moment!
So, here are a few of the things that I have been up to, it's quite daunting sharing my art with the world, I never have had much confidence in my work!  I would love to hear your thoughts and any top tips to improve though!  You never stop learning after all :)

The last image is a painting which is currently unfinished.  It's one of those works that you never seem to be happy with, but I am trying really hard to keep improving and to not give up on it!
I have also recently been reading a book called The Story of Art, which I borrowed from school.  I have become really quite engrossed in it.  I have never really had any desire to learn about ancient art, such as Egyptian and Greek, but this book is so well written and easy to understand that I have found it rather fascinating!  A really good read for anyone out there who is constantly swayed towards contemporary practice!


  1. oh, what a lovely paint box! i adore the little colour chart, such a lovely touch. and at two pounds, what a bargain too!

    your art is beautiful. despite me getting triple distinctions in my art national diploma, i've never been very good a drawing.


  2. Wow what brilliant sketches! I love the little paint box. My grandad was a very proficient painter and when I was younger he tried on many occasions to teach me to paint. He gave me a paint box similar to the one you have, complete with paints, and made me a colour chart as well. I still have it and treasure it, especially since he passed away last year. Happy memories!

  3. these sketches are all so wonderful, i really love them. the paintbox is a gem too, such a good find! it must be so nice getting back into areas of art you haven't looked at in ages, sometimes i get the urge to try different techniques and i think it's good to give it a go :) xx

  4. The sketchbook is looking amazing! Ive been feeling all arty since starting work as a cover supervisor in sept, when im not covering lessons ive been hanging around the art dept and getting involved in the classes. Its really inspired me to start a new sketchbook.
    Your job sounds ace, textiles and art! Id love to train as a teacher but it costs sooo much atm, but ur so lucky being able to teach art, id love to!



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