Monday, 30 July 2012

Norfolk adventures - day one


Remember that heat wave that occurred last week?  Knowing exactly how sporadic British weather is, I was keen to escape to the coast to take in some sea air, eat some chips on the sea front and consume an atrocious amount of ice cream.  I scoured the internet last Wednesday to try and find a B&B for me and Steve to stay at for a couple of days and that evening we booked a place in North Norfolk - Walsingham to be precise.  This time around, we did not really fancy a camping trip - Latitude was only a few weeks ago and this break was intended to be a time to relax - not get all grumpy while trying to construct a tent in probable extreme weather conditions!

These photos are from our first day in Norfolk.  I have been desperate to take photographs again, so borrowed a digital SLR from Steve for the entire duration of our stay.  I think I took over 600 photographs while we were there, so I have had to whittle them down!

Walsingham is a village that I find quite difficult to describe... it's a very religious place with numerous churches and shops selling a range of religious paraphernalia.  Personally, I found it all a little bit odd however very intriguing.  We ventured into Cley in the afternoon (that's where the photographs of the beach and wonderful sculptures were taken!).  After and incredible cream tea with warm, homemade scones literally as big as my hand, we walked to the beach.  It was a superb surprise to encounter a range of sculptures on the beach!  There are snaps of all three of them above.  The beach hut had been converted into a giant camera obscura, we stayed in there for ages!  I also adored the wall made of wool.  I also found some time to attempt some painting - it was quite difficult in some pretty extreme wind conditions though, please note the fly away hair in some of the pictures above!

We then drove to Holt, a village more inland.  We had a little wander around some of the quirky, independent shops before finding an Italian restaurant called Byfords to eat some dinner.  I had a beetroot, walnut and blue cheese risotto which was crazy delicious.  They also had a deli where everything looked completely and utterly yum!

The day ended with a quick drink in the pub local to our B&B and a stroll around the village - perfect!  

I will be adding some more photographs of my adventures around Norfolk very soon, along with some brand new car boot finds!  So far I am managing to keep up with this blogging malarkey, let's hope this doesn't change once September arrives!

Where is your favourite coastal town?

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