Monday, 2 May 2011

the thriftiest of them all

Outfit posts are a real rarity on my blog.  I'm a bit 'awkward' and hate the idea of posing (99% of the time, the best photographs of me are when I'm a) not looking or b) in mid laughter).
However, as I was getting dressed this morning, I thought to myself that this outfit might be worth the pain of awkwardly posing, just so I could share some of my thrifty purchases with you!

The blue floral top is vintage Marks and Spencers, and was £1 from a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago.  The blue denim culottes were also from a car boot sale last summer, and cost 20p.  Unfortunately, my shoes ruin it all a little bit, because they are a brand new purchase from Asda (I am a bit weird about wearing second hand shoes though...)

A few people have asked me lately how I've been plaiting my hair.  I think it's rather messy, and wish that I could do it better, but I have conjured up a little video (made from photographs) showing the process!
Here goes...

Right, I'm off to list some more items in my Etsy shop.  Things are going quite well over there, I've had a number of buyers from Australia which is exciting!  Trying to get as much of my do to list completed as possible today - back to work on Wednesday and me and Steve might go to the seaside tomorrow (fingers crossed for sunshine!)

I hope that you've all had a great bank holiday weekend, not long until the next one :)


  1. It really suits you :) I've not been to a car boot sale in ages, definitely need to find some local ones!

  2. you are presh. lovely hair!!



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