Thursday, 26 May 2011

Katies adventures into dress making land part 3

I am pleased to say that yesterday evenings class was tons more productive than last weeks, and I came home with a smile on my face and feeling motivated, as opposed to last weeks' big grump!

My skirt is very near completion, with only the hem to be stitched and the buttons sewn on, hooray!  I managed to sew my button holes very effectively (easy when you know how, I hope that I can transfer this skill to my own sewing machine now!) I also attached my waistband, and the gathers which I did at home on Tuesday night (first time!) stayed in place until the bitter end :)  I'm going to finish those few little bits over the next two weeks, no class next week as it's half term.  I also talked through my next pattern - a shift dress, with Janet, so I aim to make a start with that too.

  • how to sew button holes.
  • how to create 'tram line' i.e. tacking to mark the location for button holes (so much easier and effective than my first attempt with a ruler and tailors chalk, woobbbbly lines).
  • what sewing needles to buy - size 9 is apparently a good place to start.
  • Polish pins are the best so I am told, and ones from China can tend to pull your fabric.  
  • to add 1 1/2cm for seam allowance on a pattern.
  • drawing woobbbbly lines to mark my button hole, I'm told that I am, in fact, NOT lopsided :)
  • missing a tiny section when sewing my waist band to my skirt, but I did resolve this very quickly :)
  • attempting to attach the bow waistband to the skirt so that it
    would create a bow on one side, rather than in the middle, and finding out that it didn't quite work!  The result?  One side of the bow being about 2" longer than the other, oops!
So here are a few photographs to show you all how it's looking so far :)

    I also wanted to quickly share another work in progress.  I had a go at making a simple strapless dress with some recycled 1970s bedding (which, I must add, I love).  I need to use a wider elastic and adjust the hip measurements though - a little bit too tight!

    As always, I would love to hear your thoughts :)  


    1. the second fabric is SO good! xxx

    2. That skirt is so cute and I love the colour.


    3. These are so cute! I LOVE that skirt! I've just started making clothes with my sewing machine and it's fast becoming addictive!


    4. I love 70s bedding fabric for clothes too! It's always so cheap as well as no one else seems to like it!

      That skirt is amazing! I wish I could make something that good!

    5. I absolutely adore the 70's dress! Well done you, I'm jealous of your capabilities with a sewing machine!


    6. Hey Katie, your skirt is looking amazing - love the colour and the style! What pattern have you used...or is it self-drafted?

    7. they both look gorgeous! i think its so nice that you wrote your mistakes too! bet it will make the final product even more special xx
      Ella @ Belle Vintage

    8. Wow! Your skirt looks great, it must be so satisfying to know you've made something from scratch!

      And making a dress from 70s bedding? What a brilliant idea! Love the colours :) x



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