Thursday, 19 May 2011

Katies adventures into dress making land part 2


Yesterdays evening class was frustrating.  The main aim of attending this dress making course was so that I could practice all of those things that I am not great at i.e button holes, zips etc.  So far, all I have managed to do, are the things that I was fairly confident in doing anyway.

I am very sorry for the rant, but last night, I attempted to do some gathers on the waist of my skirt about four times.  The thread kept snapping, and in the end, after 2 hours, I thought it best to pack away and just come home!  I did get to do some over locking though, which I secretly love (I'm such a nerd).  I have decided to sort out the gathers at home one evening, along with pressing the hem and adding wonder web (which I need to buy).  Then hopefully next Wednesday I can finally get my button holes sewn, buttons sewn on and waistband added.  And then - it shall be complete!!  I also want to begin to make a dress, so I will be cutting out my pattern pieces ready for Wednesday too.

  • how to thread an over locker.
  • machine stitching the thread for gathering in smaller sections, to avoid the thread snapping (although, this still didn't exactly help me!)
  • Not connecting the three separate parts of my bow waistband correctly, therefore having to unpick some of the stitching and do it again.
  • Not tying the ends of the threads properly when attempting to create gathers, which resulted in them all 'disappearing' and then consequently, me getting very fed up (even the chocolate hob nob didn't help!)
This week has generally been a bit crazy, and I have eaten far too many cakes and biscuits.  Sorry that there are no photographs to accompany this post, but hopefully I will make up for that next week when I head off to my class with high hopes and optimism!

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    1. Hang in there Katie and I promise things will fall into place soon. It's not until I finished a very frustrating 10-week course that I realised just how much I loved sewing!

    2. I attempted to teach myself to use my sister's sewing machine a little while back; it did not end well...

      I'm sure dressmaking, like everything else, is one of those 'practice makes perfect' type things - just keep at it, you'll get there in the end! (sounds very complicated though - I wouldn't have a clue where to begin!)

      I've tagged you with the Kreativ Blogger Award - it's on my blog if you fancy taking a look :)



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