Friday, 10 September 2010

Teeny Tiny Scrabble Tiles

I have been waiting for some new glue gun sticks to arrive so that I could continue with some of my makes (how frustrating!)  So today, once I got my hands on some, I made some pairs of scrabble letter earrings.  The letter tiles are really small, as they are from a travel scrabble game.  I want a 'K' pair for myself, but there was only one 'K' included.  Looks like I will now be hunting for another game so I can make them!

I have had a really busy week, so haven't had much time to make anything really.  Last night I did manage to finish a reversible tote bag and a few phone cases though.  I am trying to make lots and lots so that I have enough stock to keep me going until Christmas!  I have just taken a break from cross stitching some more initial badges to write this.

I also wanted to share my new jumper (brought from a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago for £1).
I was really unsure about it at first, but I am growing to love it.  Even though it's only September, it is starting to feel like Autumn already!  I love Autumn colours, I think it is because they compliment my red hair and green eyes (I learnt this from my very stylish sister!).  Even when I was doing my food shopping this evening, I found myself becoming very excited by Autumnal flowers and root vegetables.

Bring on the homemade soups I say.


  1. ee they are so cute! Love that jumper too! x

  2. i adore your jumper, what a bargain! it matches your hair and (h&m?) bag perfectly. your earrings look so pretty, i love how the paper is different for each set, making them individual for every buyer.

    love, jazzabelle. x

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies :)
    Yes, the bag is from H&M, oh my you do have a beady eye! x

  4. Love your style :)
    Also love the earrings! :D

  5. i love the earrings (:
    such a lovely idea.
    & aw, that jumper looks so comfy!

  6. wow i want scrabble earrings.and the ring!:)
    and i lovvee the jumper,i need to get to a carboot:)

  7. Cute jumper - what a bargain!
    I love the scrabble jewellery idea! I've wanted to do that myself for a while but can't seem to get my hands on an old scrabble board :(

    Lovely blog hun!

  8. Love your vintage style look!
    And it really suits you... a lot!
    Your scrabble jewellery is really cool! I can see a lot of teenagers, and cool people wanting some!
    Good luck with them!
    And many thanks for your lovely comment!
    I truly appreciate it!


  9. Wow at those earrings!




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