Sunday, 19 September 2010


I have had a very lazy Sunday today.  We woke up bright and early to get to a car boot sale today (Steve wanted to return because last weekend there was a man selling records for 50p each, and said he would be back today, which I may add, he wasn't!).  There weren't many stalls today, may be because of the freeeezing cold weather, brrr!  I got myself a new ladybird book for my collection though for only 10p, and Steve found yet another camera!  We were home by about 9am, and I have spent the rest of the day doing odd jobs and tidying the house.  I spoke to my sister and my nieces (twin girls who are nearly 2 years old :) ) on Skype this morning, and giggled lots at Isabel calling me 'Aaaaa TIE!' and them both coming up to the computer and kissing it, aww!

I previously revealed how excited I was about Autumn approaching, and I today decided that it's time to make some space in the freezer so that I can make some large batches of soup!  For our dinner this evening we had a very yummy homemade root vegetable soup.
I also finally got round to using up some over ripe bananas to make an extremely delicious vegan banana cake.  I'm not vegan, but vegan cakes really are the best cakes you can eat!  I first made it when I was really craving some cake, but had no eggs!  This recipe was really quick and easy.  I added some chopped hazelnuts to my mixture, yummy!  You can find it here if you fancy doing some vegan baking this week! :)
Served best with a very large cup of tea!


  1. ahh i love carboots but you're right, you do have to get up really early to catch the best bits! x

  2. ooh yum I love banana cake. I'll have to make some!



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