Wednesday, 29 September 2010

a handmade Christmas (1)

I know that I shouldn't be talking about Christmas yet, it's not even October!  However, I have been thinking about my shopping list already, because this year I am going to try to make many of the gifts myself (and this takes up lots of time!)  Unfortunately, as crafty as I am, I am not great at making everything, so I have began looking on Folksy and Etsy for wonderful items that I can buy my nearest and dearest!

I will be posting some of my favourite items from my favourite sellers during the run up to Christmas.  Hopefully they will inspire you and if you decide to make any purchases, you will be supporting the wonderful people who make all of these beautiful handmade things :)

The first seller I have chosen is Skull and Cross Buns (aka Emily), who hand carves an amazing selection of rubber stamps, including skulls, cupcakes (hence the name of the shop!) as well as owls, mushrooms and moustaches, all from as little as £3 each!

Here are my personal favourites :)
How cute is this set of interchangeable tree stamps?
I adore this stamp!  It is so intricate and quirky.  I have been intrigued by anatomical hearts for quite some time (I spent an entire year of my Fine Art degree being inspired by them).
If like myself, all of your friends appear to be turning into teachers, this personalised stamp would be a perfect gift!  The stamp is also available with an image on an apple.
Now for the best bit.  

Skull and Cross Buns also accept custom orders, so get your thinking caps on!

Head over to Folksy to have a look at all of the other wonderful stamp designs on offer and for more information on placing a custom order.

Finally, thank you to Emily for allowing me to use her images!


  1. Thanks so much Katie for this fabulous post about me and my wares :D

    Stamps do make a really unique little present, especially the personalised or custom ones. I've been commissioned to make ones for use on wedding invites, shop logos, wedding favors and much more besides.

    Please keep checking my shop for all my new Christmas designs and more personalised options :)

    Thanks again Katie!

  2. Emily's stamps are absolutely AMAZING!! This is such a great feature!

  3. Awesome feature. I love her stamps. Great lady too.

  4. wow the heart stamp is amazing! x

  5. This is a fantastic post! I love it :)

  6. I do freak out when people mention Christmas with September still around... But, Emily's designs are totally amazing!! I've got myself some awesome custom stamps aside from her regular super cute ones, and she's always a dear!

  7. I love those stamps!! So cute!

  8. I love them! The teacher stamp would be perfect for a friend of mine! xx

  9. it's never too early for the run up to christmas in my eyes!!

  10. the stamps are so cuttee :)

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