Thursday, 16 September 2010

cross stitch jewellery prototype

I have officially become addicted to cross stitching.

I have been buying many second hand cross stitch books and even cross stitcher magazine, much to my boyfriends amusement!  I have been thinking about making some 'word' necklaces and brooches for a long time.  I experimented with wood and a laser cutter a while back (the same time as my cassette tape brooches were born), however the wood kept splitting.  I really do need to persist with those though!  So, with my new found love of cross stitch, I tonight decided to experiment with making a necklace.  I realise that it does look pretty rubbish because I rushed the construction of it a bit, but it is just an initial idea.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on it :)


  1. awww i love it too! i pick it up every now and again, then leave it another few months! xo

  2. That necklace looks proper good :) I use to cross-stitch when I was younger and keep meaning to get back into it. xx

  3. I remember cross-stitching at school, damn I wish I'd hung on to them.
    I love this, so girly and quirky x

  4. ohhhh fancy,
    i love your blog to pieces!
    its just grand!

  5. Lovely necklace!
    So unusual but at the same time so cute!


  6. WOW! That's lovely! I too have just got into cross stitching again! Ive decided my aim is to make all my christmas presents, cross stitch style!

    Hello! From a new follower :) I love your blog!




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