Saturday, 25 September 2010

apples and pears and crafty wares

Today I held a stall at the apples and pears and crafty wares fair in Nottingham.  The most popular items today were my phone cases and wooden cassette tape brooches.  I made a nice sum of money, and also met some other really nice craftsters!  I also had a visit from two of my very close University friends, and that was lovely! :)  My friend Steve enlightened me today by revealing that once, when I  had had a few too many drinks, I told him "There's no party without arty".  What wisdom, eh?

As I made a profit, I allowed myself a few treats and brought these lovely items from fellow stall holders.
Strawberries & Cream and Chocolate soap bars from Hearts & Homespun for only £1 each!  Based in Derbyshire, they make homemade natural soaps and bodycare products.  The company also featured in last months issue of Vogue.
I couldn't resist this beautiful vintage knitting bag (which I think that I will use as a handbag, because I can't knit!).  It only cost £4, and I purchased it from a lovely lady named Wendy.  She had a wonderful range of vintage fabric, crocheted blankets, teacups and other vintage home wares and bits and pieces.
We LOVE this cute little reindeer Christmas decoration from Monster Magic.  They have a  fantastic range of toys and cushions, we wanted it all!

Beautifully decorated and packaged cupcakes from C is for Cake.  We chose vanilla, earl grey, raspberry & white chocolate and toffee & banana. Mmm...
Overall, it has been a really great day!  I hope that you're all having a splendid weekend too!


  1. mmm those cupcakes look delish! x

  2. The phone cases look so cute! I also spy some bows, I love bows! Did you make the teacup candles as well?

  3. Hello Katie,

    Thanks for becoming a Follower.

    Looks like you had a great day:)

    You sell some lovely things and you bought some lovely things too:)

    I didnt have a Market this weekend, so have been trying to catch up on making!! Trouble is, what to make first?!!
    Michelle x

  4. Your stall looks so tempting! I'm not surprised you had a succesful day. Love the knitting bag, definately too pretty NOT to use every day. xxx

  5. i love earl grey flavored sweets... i wish i could try these!

  6. Look at all those crafts and cupcakes, so beautiful!

    Cool blog, definitely be back here lots :) Come follow TBAG if you fancy.


  7. Gorgeous bag - lucky you!I would have loved to see your stall.

  8. Eee, so much eye candy!
    Love everything here :)

  9. Hi - I'm beginning to wish I'd kept the bag - it's clearly a hit with some of your commenters! It was lovely to meet you and I look forward to seeing you at one of the other fares this autumn!



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